Virtual Console (Wii U/3DS) release Thursday 24 October

A new week and new (or rather old) games to surface on Virtual Console for the Wii U and 3DS.

Donkey Kong 3
Wii U VC – NES

Unique to the classic series, Donkey Kong 3 is a frantic action game starring newcomer Stanley, whose greenhouse has been invaded by the troublesome ape and swarms of angry insects.

Armed with a spray can, you must push Donkey Kong up the screen while fending off the swarms of bugs intent on stealing Stanley’s precious flowers.

Avoid the coconuts that DK throws at you, and try to grab the power spray can for a few seconds of super-charged spraying as you aim for a high score!

Wii U CV – NES

It’s the bottom of the ninth. You’re at the plate. Here comes the pitch. You swing… It’s a smash deep into centre-field! A home run!

In the NES classic Baseball, you control every action. The swing of the bat. The speed of the pitch. The hits, the steals, the double plays.

Pit your skills against the computer or challenge a friend. All it’s missing is the smell of hot dogs!

Wii U VC – NES

The NES version of Pinball was one of the first video game recreations of the classic game, and it’s still as crowd-pleasing as ever. Use the flippers to keep the ball in play for as long as possible, and rack up a winning score.

There are two difficulty settings, and modes for one- or two-players so you and a friend can battle for the highest score

Mario also makes an appearance in the bonus stage in which you must save Pauline, the damsel in distress from Donkey Kong, with your pinball prowess!

Wario’s Woods

The Peaceful Woods were once a safe haven for all gentle creatures… until Wario turned up. Now the place is swarming with monsters, and only Toad can clear up the mess!

Wario’s Woods is a fast-paced puzzle game in which Toad must line up bombs and enemies into rows of matching colours. Clear enough sections of the forest to go up against the mighty Wario himself!

Wario’s Woods on Nintendo 3DS also features Download Play, allowing you to connect to another player’s system and compete in a VS battle, with just one copy of the game.


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