Retro Gamer Collection Volume 8

I have every issue of Retro Gamer, but when they release Retro Gamer Collection issues, I buy them too. I guess because I need to have a complete collection.

In Retro Gamer Collection volume 8, you can read among the following:

  • Invasion of the Coin Snatcher
  • The Classic Game: Sonic 3
  • The Making of… Adventure
  • The Collector’s Guide: Sega Master System
  • Minority Report: Atari 8-bit
  • Gaming Legends: Shigeru Miyamoto
  • From the Archives: Bizarre Creations
  • The History of… Final Fantasy
  • The Making of… Lode Runner
  • The Story of Breakout
  • In the Chair with… Jeff Minter
  • The Classic Game: Wonder Boy III
  • Inside the BBC Micro
  • The Making of… Baldur’s Gate
  • The History of… Pitfall!
  • From the Archives: Naughty Dogs
  • The History of… Street Fighter
  • The Making of… Carrier Command
  • Gaming Legends: Sid Meier
  • The Collector’s Guide: Amiga 500
  • The Making of… WarCraft
  • Greatest Videogame Bosses
  • The Classic Game: Pang
  • In the Chair with… Mark Turmell
  • Minority Report: Mega-CD Special
  • Scumm Origins
  • The Making of… Star Castle
  • The History of… Star Fox [aka. StarWing]
  • From the Archives: Digital Integration

You can get Retr Gamer Collection volume 8 and backissues from


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