Retron 5 updated to firmware v2.0

Retron 5 fimrware update v2.0

Over the last months, Hyperkin have released beta version of the firmware for Retron 5. But now, they have released a stable firmware v2.0.

The biggest addition to last firmware (v1.6) is support for IPS/UPS patch. This means that you can patch for example Japanese games with an English translation and add graphical hacks to games.

They also added Super Game Boy-emulation. See picture bellow on how Pokemon Red and Link’s Awakening are looking with their Super Game Boy-borders.

Complete list of firmware v2.0 changes since v1.6:

  • IPS/UPS patch support added (allows application of translation patches, graphic/level hacks etc)
  • Added ability to assign “turbo” button mappings
  • “Game specific settings” added, allowing certain settings to be configured on a per-game basis
  • Support for SGB borders added
  • Color scheme selection for GB games added. In addition, the correct CGB colors will be automatically selected for certain games
  • “Disable FM sound” option for SMS games added
  • SGB multi-player mode working (and Gameboy player/button mapping has been split from GBA in Settings)
  • Fixed screen shaking in some GBA games
  • Added support for SNES SPC7110 cartridges
  • File manager is now able to operate on folders (select with long button press) and copy/remove folders recursively
  • Screenshots may now be saved as either PNG or JPEG, with PNG made as the new default
  • Revamped in-game hotkey configuration
  • Improvements to rendering synchronization
  • Misc game compatibility fixes (King of Monsters, Fantasy Zone, Sky Kid, Youkai Club)


Retron 5 fimrware update v2.0

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  1. J says:

    Hi. Can you point me to a reference on how to apply these translation patches with the RetroN5? Is it pretty obvious after digging through menus on the system?

  2. Joseph says:

    Can some one help me i am looking for the update v2.0 but i can’t find any where

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