Retro Gamer annual 2015

In Retro Gamer annual, you find the best of the best from the 2014 issues of Retro Gamer.

  • The Hardest Games of All Time
  • The Making of: Fairlight I and II
  • The Making of: Golden Axe
  • The Making of: UFO: Enemy Unkown
  • The making of Chaos Engine
  • The Making of: Jack the Nipper
  • Boy Wonder: A Game Boy Retrospective
  • Minority Report: Famicom Disk System
  • Minority Report: TRS-80
  • Minority Report: Amstrad PCW
  • Atari 7800 Prosystem – 30th Anniversary
  • Bubbles, Baseball and Buzz Saws – Software Creations
  • The Wonder Boys –  A Westone Retrospective
  • The War Lords: Mc Lothlorien
  • Tekken: 20 Years of Namco’s Ten-Hit Wonder
  • When Arcades Ruled the World
  • The History of Rampage
  • The History of Crazy Taxi
  • The History of Toe Jam & Earl
  • The Bluffer’s Guide to Arcade Racers
  • Ultimate Guide: Pac-Land
  • In the Chair with… Graeme Devine
  • In the Chair with… RJ Mical

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Retro Gamer annual 2014

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