Retro Gamer #138

Just got Retro Gamer issue 138 in the mail, and here is some of things to read:

  •  Back to the Nineties… January 1998
  • The Bluffer’s Guide to Point-and-click Adventures
  • The Making of: Hired Guns
  • Ultimate Guide: Commando
  • Game Gear: 25 years on
  • From the Archives: Sirius Software
  • The Making of: Super Bug
  • Top 25 ZX81 Games
  • The Making of: Agent X
  • Minority Report: Dragon 32
  • The History of Star Wars: Dark Forces and the Jedi Knight Series
  • In the Chair with… Chris Sawyer

As usual, you can get Retro Gamer at

Retro Gamer #138

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