Retro Gamer Bookazine: The Sega Book/The NES Book

This time, Retro Gamer have put togheter the The Sega Book/The NES Book bookazine. The Master System articles are on the one side, flip the magazine and you get the Nintendo NES articles.

Sega Master System articles:

  • Retrorevival: Operation Wolf
  • Master System
  • Master System Perfect Ten Games
  • The History of Sonic on the Master System
  • The Classic Game: Zillion
  • The Story of Alex Kidd
  • Retrorevival: Fantasy Zone
  • The Complete Lowdown: Phantasy Star
  • The Classic Game: Psycho Fox
  • The Ultimate Guide to: Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse
  • Top 25 Master System games
  • Classic Moments – Ys: The Vanish Omens
  • The Definitive Wonder Boy
  • Retrorevival: Cloud Master
  • The Collectors guide: Sega Master System

Nintendo NES articles:

  • Retrorivavel: Metroid
  • NES
  • NES Perfect Ten Games
  • The Ultimate Guide to: Super Mario Bros. 3
  • The Classic Game: Mega Man II
  • Duck Hunt
  • Retrorevival: Donkey Kong
  • The Making of: The Wizard
  • The History of Castlevania
  • The Greatest NES games
  • The Making of: Battletoads
  • The Ultimate Guide to: The Legend of Zelda
  • Retrorevival: Kid Icarus
  • The Collectors Guide: Nintendo Entertainment System

You will find Retro Gamers bookazine The Sega Book/The NES Book at (if they’re not sold out).

Retro Gamer Bookazine: Sega Master System & Nintendo NES Retro Gamer Bookazine: Sega Master System & Nintendo NES

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