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Review: Olympic Winter Games Lillehammer 1994 (Sega Mega Drive/Genesis)

The Winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994 was some great Games. But good winter games in real life, does not necessarily result in a good video game. Olympic Winter Games Lillehammer 1994 on the Sega Mega Driver/Genesis is a game you … Continue reading

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Review: Winter Games (Commodore 64/Virtual Console)

Epyx was one of the great developers in the 80’s, and they produced one of my favourites: Winter Games. The game was released on multiple platforms in 1985, but it’s the Commodore 64 version I’ve played and love. The version … Continue reading

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Review: Nintendo FAMICOM MUSIC (music CD)

I can’t remember last time I bought an audio CD. But it’s years ago. When I found out that Nintendo was releasing the Nintendo FAMICOM MUSIC CD, I had to get it. It’s only been released in Japan (December 2013), … Continue reading

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Review: NES Remix (Nintendo Wii U)

Out of nothing, in a Nintendo Direct just before Chrismas, they annonced NES Remix and the game was available for download right afterwards. If you played Wario Ware, you get the idea of NES Remix. You got 200 challenges from a … Continue reading

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Retrocast #01: Tetris (Game Boy)

This is the first edition of Frank’s Retrocast. I take a quick look at Tetris on Nintendo Game Boy. The game was released in 1989 (thou I say 1988 in the video). I’ve probably have a lot to improve in … Continue reading

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Review: Space Harrier 3-D (Master System/SegaScope 3D)

  Space Harrier was released in the arcades in 1985 and on the Master System a year later. And in 1988, Sega released a 3D version of the game on Master System which is actually a sequal to the original and … Continue reading

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Review: Columns (Game Gear)

Columns was originaly created by Jay Geersten in 1989 before he sold the rights to Sega. They released the game on all their consoles at the time, and other formats too. I’ve been playing the Game Gear version. This version was … Continue reading

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Video review: World Cup Italia’90 (Sega Master System/Mega Drive)

My second video postet to YouTube was a small review of World Cup Italia’90 for the Sega Master System and Mega Drive. World Cup Italia’90 was released on the Sega console by Sega, and ported to other formats by U.S. … Continue reading

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