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Retrocast #01: Tetris (Game Boy)

This is the first edition of Frank’s Retrocast. I take a quick look at Tetris on Nintendo Game Boy. The game was released in 1989 (thou I say 1988 in the video). I’ve probably have a lot to improve in … Continue reading

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Review: Space Harrier 3-D (Master System/SegaScope 3D)

  Space Harrier was released in the arcades in 1985 and on the Master System a year later. And in 1988, Sega released a 3D version of the game on Master System which is actually a sequal to the original and … Continue reading

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Retro Gamer Bookazine: The Mega Drive/SNES Book

From time to time, Retro Gamer make bookazines from previous issues of the magazine. This time, they’ve made a flip-magazine with the Sega Mega Drive on the one side, and flipped over, Super Nintendo on the other side. You can … Continue reading

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Retro Gamer #122

I’ve just started to digg into issue 122 of Retro Gamer: Back to the Eighties – May 1980 Back to the Nineties – September 1996 Ahead of its time – A 3DO retrospective The History of… Mission Impossible The Commodore … Continue reading

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My new Tetris lamp

It was just luck that I found out that a Tetris lamp was a thing. There was no hesitation, and I ordered one right away. You can find it on both Amazon and eBay, and probably other places too. So … Continue reading

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