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Review: NES Remix (Nintendo Wii U)

Out of nothing, in a Nintendo Direct just before Chrismas, they annonced NES Remix and the game was available for download right afterwards. If you played Wario Ware, you get the idea of NES Remix. You got 200 challenges from a … Continue reading

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Retrocast #02: Space Harrier 3D (Master System 3D)

In Frank’s Retrocast #02 I talk about the Space Harrier 3-D on the Sega Master System. The game was released in 1988 as one of the eight games made for the SegaScope 3D glasses. For the written review, go here. … Continue reading

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Digging up the old Sega Master System

My sister and I found our old Sega Master System during the Christmas holiday. The controller had some wear and tear, but fully usable and we found some cables to connect it to the TV. We’ve played Alex Kidd in … Continue reading

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Retro Gamer #123

In issue 123 of Retro Gamer you can read about: Back to the Eighties – June 1980 Back to the Nineties – October 1996 Ultimate Guide: Salamander Top Chumps – Gaming’s Greatest Underdogs The History of Alex Kidd The Making … Continue reading

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