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Sega Saturn turns 20

Sega Saturn was released in Japan on November 22, 1994. So this makes it the 20th anniversary for the Sega Saturn. Sega had a week’s head start on Sony, which released the Playstation (aka PS One) on December 3. But … Continue reading

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Donkey Kong Country turns 20

I played Donkey Kong Country a lot back in the days. At the end of this November, makes the 20th anniversary of Donkey Kong Country. The game was released in USA on 21 November. Europe followed on November 24 and … Continue reading

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Retro Gamer #135

So Retro Gamer issue 135 is a bit special, at least the cover. Issue 135 comes with four different covers. Three of them can be bought in shop, while the fourth is only available for subscribrers. Anyway issue 135 of Retro … Continue reading

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The Nintendo DS is 10 years old

Nintendo DS was well received, when it was first shown on E3 in May 2004. But Nintendo had allready given a hint of the a new console as early as January the same year. Nintendo DS was released in USA on … Continue reading

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Kickstarter: Thimbleweed Park – From the makers of Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island

Did you like games like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island when you where younger? If so, you’re in luck. The original makers of these games and more, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, have started a Kickstarter top make a new game … Continue reading

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RetroN 5 finally has it’s CE certification

It’s been a long an bumpy road for the Retron 5 console. Released back in June in the US, a European launch have been absent. But finally, Hyperkin have got the CE certification for Europe. But it seems you have … Continue reading

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