Retro Gamer #137

Retro Gamer issue 137 is a good read:

  • Retroradar: The Legacy of Raplh Baer 1922-2014
  • A moment with… Matt Gray
  • Back to the Nineties – December 1997
  • How the Playstation Changed Gaming
  • The 20 Greatest Playstation Games You’ve Never Played
  • The Making of: Highway Encounter
  • Ultimate Guide: Combat School
  • Pi-Man, Pertwee and Prizes: An Automata UK Retrospective
  • The Bluffer’s Guide to Dungeons & Dragons
  • The Making of: Pit-Fighter
  • Minority Report: Commodore Plus/4
  • The History of Eternal Champions

You can get issue 137 and any other issue (if they’re not sold out) from

Retro Gamer #137

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