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The Story of… Pokémon

In 1996 some small animals appeared on the Nintendo Game Boy in Japan. These Pocket Monsters is later known as Pokémon when the games was released in USA and Europe some years later. In Pokémon you controll the main character … Continue reading

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The history of… Lemmings

They are small. They are dressed in blue, have green hair and is 8 x 8 pixels. Lemmings started as a small PC-demo in 1989. The game was shown to Psygnosis, but they didn’t want to publish the game. DMA … Continue reading

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Retro Gamer #138

Just got Retro Gamer issue 138 in the mail, and here is some of things to read:  Back to the Nineties… January 1998 The Bluffer’s Guide to Point-and-click Adventures The Making of: Hired Guns Ultimate Guide: Commando Game Gear: 25 … Continue reading

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The Sims turns 15

  I loved playing The Sims at the dawn of the new millennium. The games was released on February 4 in 2000, so that makes its 15th anniversary today. It was fun creating and decoration the house. I could spend … Continue reading

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Super Mario Bros. (NES) – The Continue trick

I’ve been playing Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo NES for nearly 30 years. But it’s only recently that I discovered (through GoNintendo) that the game support continue. When you have lost all your lifes and are back at the … Continue reading

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