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Retron 5 updated to firmware v2.0

Over the last months, Hyperkin have released beta version of the firmware for Retron 5. But now, they have released a stable firmware v2.0. The biggest addition to last firmware (v1.6) is support for IPS/UPS patch. This means that you … Continue reading

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Retron 5 review

With Retron 5, you get a hardware that plays 9 different consoles out of the box: NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, Genesis, Mega Drive, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance. And with the Power Base/Master System-converter, you … Continue reading

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My Retron 5 has arrived

Back in February I pre-ordered the black Retron 5 on Amazon.com. That was a mistakes in two ways. One, I realy like black consoles, phones etc. But the do collect dust heavily. Forgot that! The second, was that at release … Continue reading

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Preview: Retron 5

There have been much talk about the new multi-console from Hyperkin. But after much delay, the Retron 5 will be released in USA early June. I had a chance to test the console at retro gaming expo in Sandefjord, Norway … Continue reading

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RETRON x86 announced and the RetroN 5 delayed

At Midwest Gaming Classic 2014 Hyperkin announced the RETRON x86 computer. This is a box that will let you play old MS-DOS games from 1986-99. The console/computer will be released in the fall/end of 2014. Some technical specifications: ARM processor … Continue reading

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