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Review: Lemmings (Amiga, 1991)

“Take command of the wackiest collection of misdirected rodents ever seen on your screen.” This is the description of Lemmings on the back of the Amiga box. In the manual it also says that the Lemmings ar cute, but stupid. … Continue reading

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My new Tetris lamp

It was just luck that I found out that a Tetris lamp was a thing. There was no hesitation, and I ordered one right away. You can find it on both Amazon and eBay, and probably other places too. So … Continue reading

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Review: Columns (Game Gear)

Columns was originaly created by Jay Geersten in 1989 before he sold the rights to Sega. They released the game on all their consoles at the time, and other formats too. I’ve been playing the Game Gear version. This version was … Continue reading

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